crop circles

... now if I had to make a bet on it, I would
bet that crop circles are man-made, from a
high-flying high powered laser. Someone gets
a cool looking graphic going, you upload it to
the laser, and it prints it out,
in a field of grain. Pretty simple actually,
if you have a powerful laser or maser in space,
or a high-flying plane

... maybe most of the sightings are in England,
because the queen has such a thing flying overhead
to protect England, and it's perfectly acceptable
to test your defense systems on your own territory

... but my gut tells me there is another explanation,
a true explanation, one that passes test by my belief

... there are all sorts of rational explanations
for crop circles, except we now live in an irrational
world, so the irrational now becomes imaginary, if you
can figure that one out :-)

... the square root of negative 1, the i , was
the first real glimpse into the multi-dimensional

... all of the ancient books, especially the old
Hindu Sanskrit books, talk of higher and lower
dimensional realms .... in modern speak, they
would be something like parallel quantuum universes

... some, at a higher conciousness and energy level
than others

... these beings used to visit Earth all the time,
and must come if psychically summoned by someone
trusted on earth

... the UFO's which are not man made, are most
likely, in my estimation, to be some sort of
higher dimensional creature than us

... they can dip into our plane, but we cannot get
to their plane, unless we too become multi-dimensional

... these entities may have a higher dimensional
status than us, I heard 1 comment that they are of
16 dimensions, whereas we lowly mortals are only
4, and we can only see 3, feeling, not seeing,
the 4rth, the passage of time

... it all comes down to the magnetic field, and
the interaction between the electric and magnetic
field fluctuations, thru spacetime

... I studied it a bit in school, and found the work
of Richard Feynman, and his way of combining all
of Maxwell's field equations, into a thing called
the Dalambertian, (IIRC), a 4 dimensional equation
for an electromagnetic field ... pure mathematical

... well, I'm a believer in the multi-dimensional
universe, and I think most crop circles are actually
the projected thought of beings more advanced than us

... so, disregard my rational assertions, and believe
that the imaginary world is real, there are other
dimensions right next to ours ... we don't quite
see spacetime correctly, as we were designed for
hunting, gathering, farming, and watching TV. :-)

... we don't see them, but they are there

... you want to listen in your conciousness for
your Guardian Angel, or Paramatma. They are
from the other dimensions, to guide you back
to the the higher dimensions, and ultimately
back to the Godhead

... anyways, fear not, if they wanted to kill
us all off, they would have done it a long time

... they want to help us make it into a spaceage
planet, thats all we can do

... it's do or die for us here on earth

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu