we are not alone

... we are not alone, we never have been

... I've rekindled my interests in ufo's,
aliens, the gods, and anything else paranormal,
in my search for the Truth, and thus enlightenment

... one thing I want to say, is that if the crop
circles are real, and not some retouched photos,
then the citizens of earth should sit up and
take notice. Look at all the crop circle photos,
and see what message it sends into your mind

... now, for all the doubting Thomas's out there,
how could this be a hoax, a fakery of some sorts?

... I suppose if the government had some high powered
laser cannon up in space, and liked to test it out,
by drawing images on the ground,
which display precise mathematical concepts, which
they then claim to be extraterrestrial, as a coverup
for their anti-gravity projects

... I don't know which is true, but I do believe
in the way the Srimad Bhagavatam describes higher
dimensional planetary systems, and in my own mind,
I see nothing to fear from them

... as one ufo researcher put it: if they wanted
to turn us into dogmeat, they could easily have done
it, years ago

... so we find, in Prabupada's teachings, that the
human incarnation, holds a very special place in
the continuum of souls

... from my current understanding, learned mostly
thru hard knocks, is that the earth is a special layer
in the dimensional continuum, because it's where
heaven and hell meet, and when a soul enters, it
will decide which path to take, going towards
heaven or hell

... a human life is like a testing ground, to see
if you will still fall prey to the same flaw
which condemned Adam and Eve and that whole crew

... so, if you really want to know, why the earth
is the way it is, there are space alien masters

... they take care of us, the way we take care of
our dogs and cats

... I guess they could be considered to be the
paramatma, our personal controllers, that piece
of God implanted in all humans, to guide us

... I'm begining to believe that the ancient
gods are still around, just hiding in different

... the one crop circle that caught my attention,
was the one of the solar system, showing the third
planet earth as missing ... yikes

... I wonder if it is a warning?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu