the fist bump is back

... I read today, that with all the international
travel, doctors are worried that the Ebola virus
will spread worldwide, and may even go airbone
after a few mutations

... but have no fear for the human race, it
will survive, as Ebola only kills half of those
it infects, as it does not want to kill off
it's host species

... the species will survive, many individuals
will not

... you wonder if it's a test from God, and
as you lay there half-dying, you face the
Maker, who decides, do you live to take
another breath? Or do you die?

... many times in my life, I laid there
feeling I was dying, yet a few days later,
I'm better

... one of these times, it will kill me,
I'm sure

... it will kill me mostly because I will
have lost the will to live, and finally
just let the body go

... everyone wants to go to heaven,
but no one wants to die

... I'm the same way, but die we must,
in order to get into heaven

... so, have no fear, if Ebola knocks
you down, fight the good fight, and
may God's will be done.

... and may you make it into heaven,
wherever that is for you

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu