we are not these bodies

... on this anniversary of 9/11, I remember the
song lyrics by the Who:
we won't get fooled again

... but guess what, we all got fooled big time,
over 9/11 ... faked out to the Max

... for awhile, the propaganda over 9/11 had me
going. I even believed it for a few years, that those
iron core buildings suddenly just pancaked down

... I was fooled, but the people who did it, hold
such great powers, that no one will confront them

... so, we become sheep, pretending not to know,
keeping ourheads down, and lying to ourselves

... it's the internal lying to one's self, that
causes people to get sick and die. The truth
must come out, if not in easy words, then it
internalizes as disease

... but, such are the games being played here
on earth in the early 21rst Century

... whatever situation your life has given you,
you will eventually leave the body you are in,
so remember, all suffering, and all earthly
pleasures are temporary

... the wise person thinks only of their soul,
and it relationship to the Great One above us.

... justice is always done, if not in this life,
then the next, so even though the perpetrators
of 9/11 essentially got away untouched, God
will be the final judge

... who knows? They might have had a good reason
to do it, but God will be their judge

... so remember, We Won't Get Fooled Again. If a nuke
goes off in some city, and Marshall Law gets declared,
just remember, we have been fooled before

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu