the latest tech gadgets

... I've been watching videos of some of the new
technologies available to those who can afford it,
and this morning I read a company is starting
to sell units for crowd control, that will
temporarily blind people for 15 minutes

... a great way to stop a riot

... it reminds of one incident, which
I swear is true, which happened to me

... I was picking apples at a orchard
in Wisconsin, and one day, I was up
in a tree with my aluminum ladder, picking,
about 10 feet up, with tall grass surrounding
the tree

... it was a still day, but almost instantly
it felt like a 100 mile per hour blast of wind
hit me, and blew me right back off the ladder,
into a soft landing in the tall grass

... all the nearby workers were unaffected, and
said there was no wind, and they surrounded
me to see if I was alright

... I'm sitting there, wondering what happened,
and then 3 men approached, they apologized to
me for what happened, and said they were testing
some ground level radar.

... what ever it was, it had knockdown power,
that tall grass saved my ass

... over the years, I've wondered what it was

... from what I understand now, they can project
sound waves from a distance, so that only
you can hear the message, some sort of directed

... if they don't already, they soon will have,
the ability to use lasers to make holographic
projections in the sky

... would'nt that be cool? Instead of the old
drive-in theatre to watch movies, a city could
make a holographic projection, a free Friday
night movie, broadcast across the sky

... well, the future is going to be full of
wonderful gadgets, thanks to Lord Brahma,
who is filling the conciousness of our
great experimenters and engineers

... but Earth, full of great gadgets, and
free energy devices, still is not heaven.
Closer to heaven in one sense, but further
in another; because it becomes harder to leave
earth the more pleasurable it becomes

... the great religous books of the past warn
against believing that Earth is our permanent
home, it's only a stopping point on our journey

... life extension thru DNA engineering sounds
very tempting... live to be 600 or 1000 years old,
but it stll does not bring happiness

... lasting happiness only comes from transcending
the material world, not by staying in it

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu