so just where are we?

... with all of our new found knowledge, about
dark matter, and dark energy, where does that
leave the human race?

... I mean, why are we building skyscapers, and
enormous mega-cities, as if they are some
monument to some gods the humans worship?

... the god of money? the god of wealth?

... the god of power, people with power
have no need for money or wealth, they
just lavish in their powers

... we no longer are just a harmless race
of cute humanoids,

... we used to like to think of ourselves as just
good ole peasant ox farmers, trying to eek out
a survival on a rock called Earth

... but now, we are now poking holes into
spacetime's fabric, learning about the basics
of gravity bending, and manipulating our own

... in reality, we are just space-age-wannabe's,
and mistakes will be made, big time mistakes

... even the wise old Professor Hawkins says he worries
about us accidently creating a void in the spacetime
continuum, with our high energy research now-a-days

... like an accidental blackhole that starts to swallow
up the solar system

... the gods above may have to reveal
themselves, and intervene

... or maybe, they just intend to let us destroy
ourselves, eh Pogo?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu