where to go?

... in my search for the mechanism of
anti-gravity, I come across a couple of
youtube videos of a retired aerospace
engineer, named Boyd, who showed the
reporter as much as he could, with violating
his non-disclosure agreement, about
the new technologies which overcome
the force of gravity

... he showed a couple of cool artifacts,
such as a piece of some material, that when
rotated in one direction, it spun freely,
until friction slowed it down;

... but when spun in the opposite direction,
it acted as though it tightened up an invisible
magnetic spring in the ether, which then caused
the material to reverse rotation and unwind it's
stored energy, returning the material to it's
original starting point

... forces in the Dark Energy fields at work,
and a source of seemingly free power

... I'm guessing that it somehow taps off
of the magnetic field of the sun, or possibly
even the Milky Way itself, or even something
more mind-boggling, that a few mere words cannot
describe it all

... anyways, at one point, he pointed to a photo
of a space rock on the wall. It was apophis, and
he claimed it was going to hit in the year 2036,
somewhere between Siberia and Africa.

... it would be an extinction level event, only
22 years into the future, and the government,
the churches, all want to suppress the fear
that would come in the masses of people

... they have already said on it's last near
miss, that it would NOT hit in 2036 as predicted,
but I'm not sure whether that is just part
of a coverup to hide the truth

... it certainly does explain why the governments
around the world are spending like party today,
because it's all over in 22 years

... I was sitting in my camp, which is well over
300 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, worrying that
the tidalwave alone would be huge, and I could expect
ocean water 30 or 40 feet deep, where I'm at

... eh, well I'm getting old, and I don't worry
too much about it, it would be a cool way to go

... I was thinking we could tie ourselves into
kayaks, way in the tops of some 100 foot pine trees,
and as the water rose, cut loose and go with the
flow, after the initial turbulence has passed

... or maybe, I am being called to build a great
Ark, powered by an anti-gravity engine, to lift
all the animals, 2x2, up off the surface, to
survive the impact

... the new Know-ah. Know-ah? Oh No!

... I intend to try to ride out the wave from my
position, it's all you can do.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu