the dimensional mindset

... as I have been trying to understand, over
the years, what is this New Paradigm we are
facing?, what is this shift in conciousness,
which we are experiencing?

... the last paradigm shift, as I see it,
was when Galileo and Copernicus, back
around the 16th century, said that the
earth was not the center of the universe

... it sure made the astronomical math simpler,
that's for sure :-)

... the universe then became this immense place,
which we could barely comprehend, and we humans,
except for our souls, are nothing more than dust
in the cosmic wind

... but yet, for some reason we exist, and as I
see more and more events occur, I realize that
there is more to this all than just a simple spacetime
appearing out of random quantuum fluctuations

... the REAL space travel is done thru dimensional
level changes, and from what I can see, the superior
lifeforms to us, don't do well in our atmosphere...
... for them, it's like us humans being underwater
... we can't do it, without special scuba gear or
an underwater craft

... there are dimensions above, and below earth

... it is said that back in the very ancient
days of earth, creatures from above would descend,
but the earth is too dangerous now, they might
get fired upon

... makes perfect sense to me, and I thank the
space brothers for their help on earth, so far

... but, just be advised, the space brothers
are not God. There are just closer to God than
we are, and they havn't sold their souls to
the Devil, as many influential humans have.

... so they have dominance over us, just as we
dominate over our earthly animals

... the real God, is so high up in dimensional
status, that coming to earth is not merely like being
underwater, it is like pure sewer muck to Him.

... humans just don't realize how frail and fragil
human life really is ... we all could be washed
away in a few moments

... It's God, just flushing out the cosmic sewers

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu