the new energy

... you can learn alot quickly by watching
you-tube videos

... apparently, new methods of extracting energy
from the hidden fields in the underlying universe
can give us what appears to be free energy

... this same understanding can give anti-gravity
drives, which would revolutionize transportation
and life on earth

... but it seems, for some reason, the higher
powers that be, are trying to hide these
discoveries from the public

... maybe they have good reason, I don't know
... maybe we would quickly kill ourselves if
given such technology

... on the other hand, it might save mankind
from self-extinction by polluting itself out
of existence

... from what I can gather, from my cursory
inspection of all the videos, is that the aliens
are actually like space-caretakers, much as
humans were meant to be earth-caretakers

... they are out there, in space around us

... their message is that unless humans can
control our greed and lusts for power, our
technology will soon consume us, and the aliens
will just plow us under, in farmer-talk

... like an unsuccessfull field crop, the current
humans will all get wiped out, and replaced

... it has happened before

... it reminds me of the first great UFO movie,
The Day the Earth Stood Still, wherein the brave
alien at the last scene, warns the world, that
destruction will be automatic, carried out by
a terrible robot police force, if the earth
dosn't change it's war-like ways

... we have become a hazard to space

... Gort! Klaatu barada nikto

... realizing that this is true, opens your eyes

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu