back to school

... as I have been glancing thru youtube, at the
various scientific advances that the next generation
will have at their disposal, I am truly amazed

... you have have to understand what MagnetoHydrodynamics
is, and how it relates to strange anti-gravity

... somehow, the force of gravity is inter-connected
with the invisible magnetic fields which surround us

... but if you put a proper magnetic field across
it, the inter-connections breakdown, and you
become weightless, and the energy consumption is
quite small

... the same effect has been used to make super-highspeed
spinning rotors, like 30,000 or more rpms, just from
a small battery powering an expertly designed magnetic

... the real professors, teach about the J x B forces,
and magnetohydrodynamics is the study of the math
involved in the swirling magnetic vortices, both
in and out of external fields

... the effect has already been exploited in a way
to make a motor from it, a motor, which when rotating,
produces more power than it consumes

... a true perpetual motion machine

... I was joking with myself, that the true source
of the power, is something being extracted from the
solar system's giant rotational energy, and that one
day, it would bite back, as all technologies do,
when earth's orbit starts to wobble unexpectedly

... oh well, the truth is out there, and you wonder
why we are being kept in the stone age, and still
moving about in petroleum powered machines, when we
all should be riding on Aladin's Magic Carpet

... all of our current transport technology will
be made obsolete, as anti-gravity platforms move
everything with the slightest effort

... I wonder if the opposite effect is also there,
instead of no gravity, you adjust the fields for
super-gravity ... ahh... that would make the
engine possible, a cycle, a loop

... just big tee-ter-toters going, with giant
weights on the end, each alternating between
no gravity, and super-gravity

... and as those weights teeter and tot, power
can be extracted

... well, my training teaches me that the devil,
or caretaker of this planet, is going to make
life in the techno-future seem very appealing,
to keep the pleasure and power-seeking souls
trapped here on earth

... it's all a trap, so cozy and sweet you just
can't pass it up, but then you are caught here
in the magnetic fields of earth

... just imagine, invisible magnetic vortices
swirling all around, like magnetic tornadoes,
just waiting for us to understand and control

... oddly, I read that the ancient peoples of the
mideast, who had contact with the grey aliens, called
them the jiin, aka genies to us Westerners

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu