the mark of the beast is coming

... it was prophezied, that when the mark came,
everyone would want it

... better than a tattooed barcode on our foreheads,
the subcutaneous RFID chip implant will be invisible,
and give you knowledge of who is where, and possibly
what they are doing with biometric data sensors

... its amazing what science can do nowadays

... of course, it will become de-rigeur eventually,
and alarms will go off everytime a person without
an RFID identifier chip passes thru a public doorway

... insurance companies will offer great discounts
if you implant your entire family with chips

... security firms will demand employees have implants
as a condition of employment, soldiers too

... so my friends, the Mark of the Beast is coming
to all who chose to stay around and have fun on

... just remember, the future is bright and
secure with the Devil in charge

... and it becomes damn near impossible to return
to God

... stuck in the La Brea tarpit, called earth

... and remember the Devil's unconditional guarantee:
Try God, and if you don't like It, you can always
come back

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu