buck the boss, pay the cost

... a friend of mine recently showed me a pair of
pants, which had sewn hidden on the inside
pocket the phrase:
Yes Sir, ... you are right!
in nice embroidering

... I guess it sells well to yuppie types,
who need a constant reminder to kiss-ass
to the higher ups, to keep their phony ass

... that got me thinking of it's corrolary,
buck the boss, pay the cost

... it reminds me of what happens to
whistle blowers in government and

... I bet you there is alot of people
who cannot stand to look at themselves
in the mirror in morning ... afraid
to truely look at themselves, to see
how much of their face has been lost

... in these cases God Himself is the best
judge and distributor of justice

... evidence is gone, memories fade, and
the enormous cost to prosecute it, is just
not worth it

... watch the following 2 videos, if you
want the truth about 9/11, especially
the details

High Ranking US Major General Exposes 911

The names of the people and corporations behind it all:

... then, after viewing, discuss it with fellow
co-workers, and see what your bossman tells
you to do

... the original Labor Day was in honor of
great men like Walther Reuther, who fought
to get workers a fair wage

... that battle has been lost, and now there
is a bigger battle concerning a silent coup
takeover of the United States, by international
corporations, and that they about to turn us
all back to slaves, in the sense that they
can keep us working for pitifull wages, whilst
the wealth of the country is plundered by an
Ivy League mafia at the top

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu