the perfect ticket

... well, after the dust has finally settled from
the 9/11 treachery, the truth starts to rear
it's shining head, concerning who did it, and why

... the information is out there on you-tube and is
corroberated by enough evidence, that my gut feeling
tells me it's true, as a matter of fact, I suspected
as much all along, only figuring for the most part, that
it was a Western corporate grab for control of the
poppy fields in Afganistan

... this, since heroin is the biggest money maker in the
world, and everyone wants in on it

... as such, I announce that the Unicorn Party fully
endorses the 2016 Presidential ticket, as:
Jesse Ventura and the Rock, as VP

... I have heard and read many of Mr. Ventura's
talks, and I fully concur with his world view

... number 1 on the list, is his concept that
US boots-on-the-ground, as in a military maneuver,
should not be allowed more than 500 miles from
it's borders ... this is to preclude the use
of the US military as private worldwide henchmen,
by an elite group of international corporations

... an elite group of corporations, who, somehow
pulled a silent-coup on America. They have
taken control of the government, all corporations,
and media

... mafia style crimes, at the very top,
was the cause of 9/11

... and probably JFK, and Bobby Kennedy too

... we mock China in our news reports about
high level corruption there, and it's
consequent blatant coverup, but the exact
same thing occurs here, in the US

... number 2, immediately stop all drone killings.
All we do when kill with a drone, is create more
people who want us killed, who then become terrorists
themselves ... WITH GOOD RIGHT TO DO SO, if I might add

... it seems the wacko group at the top, doing all this
international crime, actually WANTS to create more terrorists
... because it gives them jobs and money, big money, to fight them

... So, people, retake your country, re-establish a peaceful
United States, and vote for Jesse Ventura and the Rock,
in 2016

... interestingly, the whole way I stumbled upon
rexamining 9/11
, was that I was investigating the
claim that ancient Vedic kings, had a flying vehicle
called a Vimana, which ran on an anti-gravity system

... and that lead me to 9/11 for some reason

... I'm glad I did. I nearly cried when I think
of the Ret. US Major General of Air Intelligence,
saying he was heart-broken by the treachery, committed
by this government, on it's people

... but, if you analyze it, someone somewhere walked
away with probably 10 Triilion dollars from the economy,
all for the measily price of masterful arson job,
but, done with explosives instead

... and shit, they only had to kill about 3000 people,
which is just a microscopic addition to their list
of slaughtered people, who get in their way of power

... and the cleanup was free, the city and state paid

... plus they got to invade Afganistan and get those poppy

... it was a win-win situation for eveyone, even the building
owner, made a bundle on the whole deal

... everyone wins, everyone except the American people

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu