what's the beef?

... I was taught an interesting lesson on my
eternal trek toward Krishnaloka, the highest planet
of all

... last year, I had to get a dog, to control
the rats and mice around my camp

... I got a nice Min-Pin, named Jack, and
he certainly does the job, as we havn't seen
a rat or mouse since he started patrolling

... to be good to Jack, I was told to use these
dog treats, which clean his teeth. He just
loves them.

... so, when shopping online, I saw a good deal
on some beef flavored ones, and bought them. They
were cheaper than the non-beef ones ... that
was a mistake

... I'm a vegetarian, and avoid meat, especially
beef, since my uncle warned me as a youngster
that beef eating caused his colon to be removed

... but I figured since I wasn't eating it, and dogs are
designed to eat carion, it would be OK

... I was wrong

... almost immediately after I was notified they
were shipped, I got a terrible ear ache and burning in
my lungs ... I thought I was dying

... terrible thoughts passed thru my mind, thoughts of cities
being nuclear bombed, and the total end of humanity

... then Jack starts acting weird and pisses on
the floor, which he never does

... I'm wondering "what the F is going on?"

... the night before the shipment arrived, I felt
so bad that I had to lay down early, and when I did,
I experienced one of those semi-awake dreams, where
you can't move but are concious

... all around me, like electrons flying around an atomic
nucleii, I heard this terrifying low screech, like
wind howling, and it just kept circling me ... I was
scared shitless, but couldn't move ... I was silently

... at first, I thought I was under some kind of MK-Ultra
style brainwashing procedure, and was totally at the
mercy of this thing surrounding me

... the next day, my shipment arrived, and was placed
on the porch by the delivery man, but before anyone
could get to it, some stray dogs ripped it open, and
only removed the beef-based treats, ripped them apart,
and strewn them all over the yard

... at that point in time, I realized my symptoms were

... I don't know how else to explain this, except the
gods are showing me to avoid supporting the beef slaughter
industry, because it opens the gates to Hell

... this morning, I remembered the story of the
Indian Rebellion of 1857, in India, where the
Hindu's revolted because they had to use gun cartridges
made with beef tallow ... so apparently, it is
a well known effect

... if people are willing to violently revolt, because
of something, you know there is a REAL cause behind it

... so I want to offer my apologies to the spirit of all
the cows which have been slaughtered, and somehow I
benefited from it, either by eating it, or deriving money
from it

... America is the land of beef slaughter, and I can see
now, how it brings disaster and calamity

... Prabupada warns us to close the slaughterhouses, and
I for one, truly believe it would be a good thing to do

... I was lucky enough to get off with a dream-warning,
thank you Vishnu.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu