it seems pretty quiet around here

... alot of chicken-littles seem to be running
around screaming that the sky is falling,
that the world is descending into Chaos.

... it does seem that way, but it also could just
be the effect that 24-hour news coverage, of 6 billion
people, has on our perceptions of what is real

... of course the news is filled with disaster,
that is their job to report anomalies, report

... but I have to agree, the world has been
in a frenetic condition ever since the end
of World War 2, and it is plain as day, that
the world needs a good emperor, a
good wise king who rules and distributes
based not for himself, but for the good
and happiness of his subjects

... according to the Bible, the good King
returning to rule, is supposed to be Jesus
... but He ain't showed up yet, as usual

... the ancient Vedic books I'm reading say
that all hope is already lost, all the
good kings are gone, and won't come back
for a long time ... because we, as humans, are
just to unruly a bunch to deal with,
especially in the age of Kali-Yuga

... so I wonder, what would a good emperor
do,if you could find one, regarding today's
chaotic world situation?

... what would the good man-god-king Rama do?

... I would guess, put the whole world on
birth-control, OR, allow back all the
diseases that killed the young and weak,
just as nature would do it

... we forget, just how ruthless Mother Nature
is towards human beings, and without modern
sanitation and health care, the worldwide
population would be halved very quickly

... even myself, if food, and water were suddenly
denied to me, due to war, catastrophe, or wahtever,
I would not last long, at the mercy of nature

... the bug bites alone, along with creek water,
would kill me pretty quick

... but it would probably be merciful, as Mother
Nature tends to be, a fever, a deep sleep, never
wake up

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu