addons to the base model

... with the recent advances in genetic engineering,
nano-technology and bio-engineering, one might
ask: what enhancements would they like to their
standard bodies?

... if we are created by God, lets imagine how
God might run the production line for material

... God might order up a model such as, sentient,
2 legs, 2 arms, sex-paired, fresh water drinker,
omnivore ... that could be us

... now that humanity is to the point of understanding
God's genetic code, and are showing the desire
to be gods unto themselves, by manually
modifying genes, I thought: what enhancement
would I like to my base model

... setting aside things like enhancing beauty, strength,
or intelligence, I would like a built-in reverse-osmosis
water purification system, so I could safely
drink sea-water or from puddles

... what addon suits your fancy? What would make you
a better unit, better able to thrive on this

... be psychic?
be able to see in the dark?
be able to see like an eagle?
be able to live just by breathing, no food needed?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu