another summer on the way out

... during Winter, all I can think of, is getting
to the warmth and sunshine of Spring, so I can
plant some peppers and tomatoes

... but today, the peak of summer has arrived,
the morning comes a little later, a little
lazier, and the peppers are popping out everywhere

... how many summers does a person typically get,
before being forced off this planet when their
Time Ticket expires?

... in the old days, it was typically around
29 or 30, so you best get making babies as soon
as you can, at 12 or 13. At least that way,
when you reached baby-making age, your
parent died, and the family had only 1 primary
pair, at anyone time

... not too many grandmas and grandpas around

... it really is by the grace of God that we
live as long as we do, nowadays

... the other day though, in one of my depths
of solitude, I realized that I have had enough
of earth, and asked Vishnu for a release

... I'm just plain tired of the mis-management
of the world's population and wealth

... instead of a peaceful planet, there is
blood-lust and war, unhappiness and economic
slavery, everywhere

... it's really no fun being alive anymore

... Vishnu replied: I am to stay here longer,
to be a witness as to what is happening

... just to witness it all, means to stay alive;
and the price I pay is the pain I feel, due to
having a connection to this material body

... earth is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't
want to live here permantently

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu