... the recent anniversary of WWI (World War 1)
and the crazy current world situation, got me to
wonder if we are on the verge of a third World War?

... as predicted by Malthusian population growth,
we are now experiencing the mass-migrations,
mass-starvations, and sometimes mass-slaughter of
of millions of people

... Geraldo Rivera issued a statement about how we
could easily feed all the children in Central
America ... but would we? Would we want to? Or,
even more important, should we?

... the best thing we can do, is encourage
birth control down there, the Catholic Church
is very wrong to discourage birth control in
Latin America, for the very reason of what
we are seeing happening now at our southern border

... but it all may be the will of God

... American's, for the most part, have become fat,
lazy, couch-potatoes and don't want to do all the
hard work anymore ... this country needs some
fresh blood and energy, and here it comes, right
to our borders

... fresh, young, willing workers, who will be glad
to work at minimum wages, in the nursing homes
where the old fat cat Americans will be placed

... I really see how our generation were sold an
impossible dream to pursue ... how many actually
ever make it to retire at that lake cottage,
spending their days fishing, whilst the wife
makes cookies for the grandkids?

... oh well, history shows that the average age
for people to die, not too far back in the past,
was something like 29 years old

... I've already doubled that, so I can't complain

... one thing for sure, if it all does result
in WW3, I hope I won't be here to see the aftermath

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu