space like molasses

... this has crossed my mind, more than once over
the last few days, and I figure the only way
to get rid of the thought is to write it down

... in the never-ending quest some people
have to escape this planet, someone recently
proposed the concept of the cosmic sail
which uses tiny amounts of microwave radiation
to push a giant football sized sail across
the instellar void

... it all sounds great on paper, but the reality
is that at the speed you must travel to go
between stars and galaxies, the thinly-spaced
hydrogen atoms in space, starts to become
liquid-like and create bow waves

... this would crush any sail

... so all you materialists out there, who
love the human form so much, that they want to
colonize other planets with themselves, beware,
it's a dream never attained

... the only way off this planet is thru the
soul, humans will never get past Pluto

... of course, I would just love to be proved
wrong :-)

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu