the eternal body

... sometimes you read something which gets so
close to the reality of our earthly situation,
that it bears repeating

... the following is a quote of Srila Prabupada,
from his interpretation of the Srimad Bhagavatam

We conditioned souls have taken shelter of the
material body, which is full of troubles and miseries.
Foolish people cannot understand the situation, and
this is called ignorance, illusion, or the spell of maya.
Human society should very seriously understand that the
body itself is the source of all miserable life.
... ... .... ....
What is that real truth? The real truth is knowledge of
how to get out of the material body, which is the source of
all trouble.

... if you look at any situation on earth, you will
see the above truth manifested, people are blinded
by the illusion of Maya, and are rat-racing along thinking
they are getting somewhere

... yet, nobody seems truly happy, except for those
who understand the Truth above

... for a man, it is sort of an anti-climactic
realization when you figure out earth is a lost

... when you are young, and blinded by Maya and
a huge sex-drive, you think that women, families and
babies are the measure of all things ... everyman
wants his empire, his home, his castle, his
faithful wive(s) and kids

... but when the wife turns cold, and the kids want
you dead for your inheritance, and the divorce
and alimony payments leave you with nothing more
than weekly beer money, you begin to see the truth
in Shaw's statement that modern society is a trap,
for the capture of men by women.

... it's just that women are so pretty, what can you do,
but feel the urge to merge?

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If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu