et tu Madame Bovarie

... after my experiences with the human race, I
truly want to leave earth and never look back

... but, still emplanted in my deepest subconcious,
I crave to make love with the goddess

... Jungian and Freudian symbols for the goddess
are all around

... on the deepest level, people just want to make

... if all we had to do all day, was eat, sleep,
pray, and make love, it wouldn't be such a bad

... temporay yes, but enjoyable enough that
one is not driven to suicide or other craziness

... I hear some Greek Islands are that way :-)

... so, on good days, I like to let my mind drift
on the goddess, as she presents herself, wide open
to me, in the spirit world

... she wants me back, but I have to go to other

... as tempting as she may be, the earth goddess
must stay with the earth, while I am going to
be blown away with the cosmic winds, to
take root on another planet, hopefully the
in the Vaikuntha's

... even to this very day, sex is what makes the
world go round ... it is hard to avoid, even though
polite people make believe it dosn't exist

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu