at the bottom

... yesterday, I considerd life at the top
of the heap
, and today, in honor of Sunday,
and my desire to make you feel more grateful for
the little things you do have, I channel life
at the bottom

... riding the beast ... the slow moving freight
train from South Mexico, which provides a free
ride north to the US for those trying to escape
the poverty down there

... they just announced, that they will be increasing
the speed of the beast from 6 mph to 18 mph, to
discourage desperate people from trying to jump on

... something dosn't make sense here, about all this.
First, couldn't the Mexican government put troops
on the trains to keep hitch-hikers off?

... that would seem to be the easiest way to go

... of course, the corruption down there is so bad,
that the soldiers would probably just end up
collecting fees and protection money. It's a sad
situation, for sure.

... I read that in India, similar train-roof-riding
hitch-hiking is being discouraged by placing low
positioned obstacles on all the bridge tunnels
and underpasses, like barbed wire. This scrapes
the roofs clean. It's getting ugly and desperate
out there.

... after mulling it over, it seems like this
mass immigration is all being done with the
blessings of the governments involved

... Mexico and Central America want to get rid of
its excess unemployed youth, and the US needs
willing hard workers, who are cheap to house and
feed ... in other words, desperate.

... I'm guessing that the elderly-care centers,
which will soon be popping up everywhere, to take
care of the aging baby-boomers, will be staffed
by immigrants from the South, just looking
for that job and a safe place to be.

... imagine what it must feel like, to be one
of those kids, coming North, mostly alone and broke,
and at the mercy of the wolves and coyotes

... so be grateful, that you can just sit here
and read about it, instead of actually experiencing

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu