at the top

... somewhere in my past, I heard the story
of how the chinese gangs developed throughout
history, ultimately coming to the idea of
the heaven and earth society, originating
in the widespread prisons

... the concept is that one man, ( and I
guess an Empress is acceptable too),
one man reaches the pinacle of conciousness
on earth, who then becomes the focal
point for the gods communicating with us,
the humans ... that man is the Emperor

... the conciousness from Heaven comes down,
to it's lowest point, where it connects with
the highest point of mankind's conciousness

... that person, the one who seems to control
all things, because all things flow thru him,
is the emperor

... now, a good emperor is a great system

... a good emperor wants the best for all
in his realm

... it's been a long time, since we've had
a real legitimate emperor, and the modern
world, as a whole, has never seen one

... TV mini-series now are hot with tales
of Kingdoms and battles for supremacy

... everyone jokes about working on
their plans for world domination
, but
how many would know what to do with it,
if they were suddenly made emperor, a man-god

... a good emperor, brings heavenly
conditions to earth

... what a difficult job an emperor would have
trying to subdue earth at this present Time

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu