the essence of creativity

... someone on the radio was discussing creativity
and it got me thinking

... what is the source of the aptitude for creativity?

... first, it's the ability to see all the connections,
between all things, past, present, and future

... the great Lord Brahma, is ultimately the source
of all creativity in the material world ... he engineered
the material universe, and knows all the inter-connections,
between all things

... Brahma is pure maleness, and in the I-Ching, it is all
solid bars ... pure creativity

... all this has been said, to point out the fact that a human
gets creative when he/she channels Brahma in their minds

... Brahma is the Great Engineer, but the vocabulary needed
to understand his thoughts is very complex. That is why
it is good to study math and science, so that we can
understand the concepts which Brahma radiates our way
in thought space

... look how long it took for us to come to the concept
of quarks, strings, extra-dimensional space, anti-matter,
and all the other ideas needed to understand what is really
happening to us as we transition thru the space-time

... Brahma is not God in Heaven, he is the greatest of
the gods in the material universe, superceeded only
by Vishnu and Krishna

... it is said that drinking milk helps stimulate
the brain in a way that encourages our connection to
Brahma, and our creativity

... anyone who thinks that they themselves are the source
of creativity, are self-deluded ... it all comes down
from Brahma

... during BiG Bang cycles, Brahma goes to sleep with
the rest of the material world, but is awakened with
the next material universe's formation

... Brahma stays with the material world

... Brahma emerged out of Vishnu's navel, and he is the
only material world entity that is unborn ... never
born from a female, like the rest of us

... one day in Brahma's existence, is one BiG Bang Cycle
... entities live a long time on Brahmaloka, his home planet

... there, there is the essence of creativity

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu