poor Mr. Putin

... even though it seems unpatriotic, I have to
admire Mr. Putin of Russia

... he's got a tough job, but he is standing
up for his nation's rights and interests

... to me, I compare Ukraine to the American Alamo

... imagine that Texas technically belonged Mexico,
by some old treaty, upheld by the world's courts,
but the Texans wanted to be part of the US, and in
addition, most already living there were Americans
already, if not in law, but in spirit

... would you fight a battle with Mexico, to
bring that Texas back into the Union?

... it would be war in the streets in Texas, planes
would be ordered not to fly over it, and refugees
would pour out, until the battle was over

... that is Mr. Putin's world

... I read today, he even has to have a personal food
taster, to test all his food to see if it was poisoned

... I have to admit, that although I admire Mr. Putin,
I wouldn't want to be him, or have to take on his
responsibilities ... I wouldn't be able to sleep at night

... and my sleep and my dreams are very important to me

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu