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... I'm fairly well educated as far as electronic
items go, and things are changing faster and
faster, to the point where the inner electronics
no longer matter ... its all about what they,
the devices, can do for you

... soon, everything will be done more cheaply
using programmable chips, so it will all come
down to how it's programmed

... that brings us to how YOU are being programmed

... a famous author Marshall MaCluan once wrote
that the medium is the message

... now, the medium is not only the message,
it's the Truth .... the medium is the Voice of God, or
Big Brother at the very least

... I find it amusing, that people are now starting to
dump cable and satellite tv, because it just
has become too expensive for what you get

... and what do you get?, besides a bunch of
worthless reruns and info channels, periodically
interspersed with commercials and other methods
of brain conditioning and behavior modification?

... not much, so why pay for it?

... There is an old zen saying:
If it isn't free, it isn't worth a thing

... I see the resurgence of small scale custom
broadcasting in the various neighborhoods and

... the medium has come full circle, they have
grown too big, costly, and un-interesting, and
now people want to connect for free, over the
invisible airwaves, like it used to be

... I hear they play great jazz on the Shortwave
Radio bands, which come from far away places,

...the radio waves bouncing off the ionsphere,
and travelling like in a waveguide, to you,
for free

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu