a happy medium

... I read in the news today, that the
multi-billionaire tycoon from Mexico,
Carlos Slim, has proposed a most elegant
solution to the current unemployment
mess : a 3- day work week

... before you laugh, consider the
egalitarian virtues of the idea

... a husband/wife team, both would
get a 3 day work-week, so the husband
can stay home with the kids half the
time ... then on Sunday, ( or 1 designated
day), everyone stays home, and it's a day
for picnics, parties, and families

... when you add the husband wife team's
output together, it would equal one man's
income ... so we are back to a situation
like in the 1950's, where each family
unit has 1 bread-winner-equivalent worker

... the man used to do it all, now half the
load would fall onto the female

... I like it ... the Man said :-)

... it would give everyone employment, and
everyone some self-respect

... at least everyone earns their bread money,
as it was referred to by Helen and Scott Nearing,

... and the economies and love a husband/wife team
can create, makes it possible for a having a family

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu