... there is a general distinction which
divides people:
... do you like it warm and wet, or cool and dry?
... beach or mountain
... jungle heat or cool ice

... I generally like to stay cool and dry,
because at my excess weight, I'm like a
walrus, insulated by bubber, and always
feeling hot

... but in the summer, warm and wet is a great
way to stay cool

... in the summer, you must shower every day,
but I look at a shower as a dip in a cool pool

... it's a tough cat who can shower off outside
in the winter, with hose water

... that takes the heat right out of you

... water, is raining down right now on
my garden, and I must say King Indra has
been mighty kind to my area

... elsewhere, it seems water is becoming
a real problem ... will everyone from LA
have to move up to WA state? ... just to
have water

... will water tanker trains, miles long,
be blocking roads and crossings, as they
tank water out to the parched West?

... I love water, cool clean, clear water

... it looks like it will be warm and wet all day

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu