like a moth into the flame

... I read an interesting story this morning, about
a man who commited suicide by running into a giant

... out there somewhere in the deserts of Utah,
in front of a few thousand people

... the psychological state of the world's
people is going down the drain

... the Promised Land of travelling around during
retirement in a Winnebago, has instead become
a bitter landscape of people lanquishing in some old
folks home, or homeless, on the streets, because their
kids can't take care of them

... it's a cruel world for the elderly, because what
people really care about is the new life coming into the
world ... not those getting ready to exit out

... in old Vedic legend, they had a rebirth ceremony,
where creatures go into a bonfire, and emerge young
out the otherside

... I don't think the guy from Salt Lake came out
the other side ... the magic is gone from the world

... thats what heaven is, that magical world, we all
dream of

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu