why does global warming seem cool?

... some interesting stories in the news today,
how do they connect as James Burke
might say?

... first it is claimed by someone, that the
ultimate goal of the NSA is
total population control

... the second is that claims of global warming
are bogus, because the Antarctic is colder than

... global warming was renamed climate change,
for a good reason

... because, until the tipping point occurs, the
earth will try to adjust to maintain an equilibrium

... when the ice melts in Antarctica, it absorbs
heat, but it is just like the last desparate gasp
of a camper, who tries to extend the cooling effects
of his last meager chunk of ice, by chopping it up, and
spreading it around

... same thing with the ice caps

... when this last bit of cooling action is used up,
we may well hit the tipping point in atmospheric dynamics,
where huge changes in weather patterns will occur

... Al Gore is right, it just takes a long time for it to

... that brings us back to the NSA's total population

... it makes sense, that they want all people under
control, when the sh*t really does hit the fan

... most people will want it too, as people will
be desparate ... and desparate people will do
desparate things to survive ... it's better to have them
under psychological, emotional, monetary, pharmaceutical,
and if need be, physical controls

... such is the world of the future, which we are creating

... Big Brother will take care of you now, because Nature won't

... it's as though Nature is finally rebelling against humanity,
finally reacting to our misuse of the planet

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu