that is what you want,
this is what you get

... it's a superfullmoon again, and the sky is going
to be bright tonight

... I can hear the werewolves howling already

... psycho-sexual urges will run like rivers tonight

... when I ask God why am I down here, Vishnu
usually replies with laughter

... I was under the impression that an Earth trip was
supposed to be a nice ride ... instead, it's a terrible
world of slave-master relationships, fear and fighting,
and an unsatisfiable urge to be happy

... but there is no true happiness here on earth, and
I'm down here, so what can you do? Vishnu just laughs
at me, like a Cosmic Parent laughing at a dumb kid
who fell into a hole and can't get out

... from my understanding now, we are here, because
we wanted to experience the pleasure of existence in
the world of mud, and microbes

... but it's all temporary, there is no true happiness

... there is only 1 way out, and everyone's afraid of it

... enjoy staring at the full moon tonight

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu