and hope the Angel of Death passes you by

... what are coincidences? They are things which happen,
which seem to be related to some other events currently

... for instance, after me bitching about the failures
of the American Government in my little blatherings, my
buddy's truck tire gets flat, from a sidewall puncture

... could have been an ice-pick, could have been an
innocent rock

... you can make connections to events, anyway you
want, if the events fit

... it seems like the world is reverting to a state
just prior to any of the great wars

... secret police and secret societies everywhere

... nobody is hired without signing a non-disclosure

... everyone is scared and broke

... the government in Australia, said it would pay
each of it's refugee's, $10,000 just to go home,
and leave Australia

... such is the utter imbalance in the world today

... secret societies and secret police, threatening us
with little events, unless we pay protection money,
and/or conform to their will

... it's so easy to sell your soul to the system,
and people will line up to do it, if given the chance

... it's called a job fair, where people go to beg
employers for the right to work

... now, I look at my meager situation, and I must say,
the world is corrupted beyond repair, so the advice is:

Lay low in your foxholes, and pray the Angel of
Death passes you by

... I'm calling in the Great Planetary Purification,
right on my POS ... let loose the demons

... the world needs purification, no doubt

... the world is in great turmoil, and tetering on the
verge of something even worse .... be careful everywhere

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu