where does all the money go?

... in regards to the recent news story, where the potholes
and bridges can't be fixed because of no funds, I have
one question to ask?

... where the F*ck is that $60 billion per month, which the
Fed so geneously hands out to the banks? interest free!

... I mean, if the government is going to print
money like it's worthless paper, shouldn't
that money be going to the infrastructure like
potholes and bridges? Something that benefits the
whole nation, not just the select few.

... as it is now, the Fed just prints it, and it
magically disappears down a rabbit hole

... and somehow the rich get richer

... 60 billion per month would employ everyone
fixing roads, bridges, and whatever else needs it

... the banks are already too fat, feed the people
Ms. Yellen

... the US government has become a disgrace to the
world and to anyone who still has any common sense

... what good is a colony on Mars, if you die in a
bridge collapse or car wreck because money was wasted
on Mars, instead of road repairs

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu