the inevitable binary flip-flop

... as I was pondering today, it occurs to me that
everything comes down to a binary descision at the
basic level.
Pick up the spoon? Yes/No
Like or dislike a person? Yes/No
Inhale or exhale?
Life or Death?
God or Atheist?

... Sometimes there is a biological constraint,
which forces a toggle switch situation, for instance,
after an inhale, you must exhale, and after an exhale,
you crave for an inhale, you would even kill for an inhale

... but even the smallest of things, like at which
part of the TV screen you choose to look at, reveals
a whole set of binary descisions ... what attracts you to
the scene? ... do you have a favorite actor, to glue
your eyes on, otherwise ignoring the background action?

... when I watch movies now, I like to watch the background
characters and scenery

... should you read the next word in this line? Many of
us have been so well trained to read, that we do it
naturally, we just speed read on ahead to the best parts

... I was musing with my buddy, that when you are on
the Razor's Edge, surfing the crest of the Time Wave,
every descision is a life/death, go/no-go choice

... that is why surfing Time is the game of Kings

... the Life/Death aspect of everyday descision making,
is truly astounding

... it all reminds me of the Haka, a pre-battle war
dance, done by Maori Tribesmen, and recently ported
to the sport's fields

... From the translation I remember, It went like
this: ( with appropriate vigorous body movement)

This is life .... This is Death
This is life .... This is Death
This is the Great Glowing ladder
which climbs higher and higher,
into the Heavens

... when High School football teams started doing it,
as a pre-game taunt to the other team, it was
banned as being too tribal, and too threatening

... at my age, and physical condition, I can only
do mental Haka, but it still clarifies the mind

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu