I like it in my Faraday cage

... in recent days, I've had trouble getting my ftpssl based
ftp programs to work. They used to work, but suddenly stopped.

... Now, the closest I get to lftp working is "unknown packet
received", then a stoppage.

... I have tried to find ways of enabling lftp and gftp
to use Auth TLS, on my linux system, but neither
will work anymore.

... I figure it's the government messing with the libs,
to keep encrypted traffic to a minimum

... I mean, why send your ftp site's password un-encrypted
over the net? Use ftps, for sure.

... Is it because I configured with
"--enable-heartbleed=no", ?
or what, but no program I have except Perl will connect
to GoDaddy's ftp servers.

... Perl does it right, and if it dosn't there are
enough people around who will find a patch pretty quick

... to put the cherry on the cake, today my
USB-MicroTF card reader arrived. But lo-and-behold,
instead, it is a fancy looking microphone, with a long wire

... huh, lets see, could that microphone have a secret
lithium-ion battery in there, designed to record everything,
while it sits on my desk, waiting for a Return Authorization
to arrive

... giving said company, a week or 2 of audio recorded, when
I return it for an exchange WTF!!!!!!

... watch out for little spy scams, as Big Brother tries
to extend it's tight-fisted grip on the world

... I accept the deal is a deal, so I will not return it,
but will hang it on my wall of spy gadgets of the 21rst

... am I paranoid Doc?, I mean of all things to be
substituted for my asked for adaptor,instead, a big microphone
appears Labelled: G136

... a G136 sounds like government equipment to me.

... am I paranoid, yet? To top it off, last night
my dog started barking at the woods, like something
was hiding back there ... and normally, my dog
never barks ... it was like the scene from a
spooky movie

... but, like I said, I like the world of instant
karma, and sometimes the goddesses and demons, do
appear.. and instant karma happens ... very exciting

... anyways, back to me dreaming of the sweet 19 year
old seniorita I might find in the flood of immigrants
sweeping across the border

... some sweet, workin in the kitchen, mamasita, to
provide my elder-care, here , right with me, in my

... it would be a better life than on the streets
of Laredo ... but she would have to be one of
the true country women, the peasant farm girl,
who still can grow a garden, and bake breads
and tortillas

... I don't think that dream will ever die in me

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu