exit, stage left

... I was musing with an elderly friend of
mine, how , indeed the world is a stage,
and you, with your free-will, can write
your own script

... even if you are some bum on the street,
you still can connect with God, thru your
inner paramatma

... good old paramatma, I barely have
a kite-string's chance in a gale, but
my paramatma is there ... my last
string of hope, my connection to

... I made a choice along time ago,
that I would take the route of 13,
luck, no_luck, life, death, all
karma coming together at one instantaneous
point in space-time

... instant karma

... pay by event-sequence survival

... whoever survives the latest blast
of bad psychic weather, wonders what
just happened to them

... it's as though you fall into a big
psychic hole, where you know you could
die at anytime, but are all alone to face

... then the wave passes, I guess that
means Death passed us by, and people
are released from their psychic holes,
to feel happy and hopeful once again

... funny, when I was young, and studying
the ways semiconductors worked, there was this
concept of holes in a semi-crystal structure

... I can see us as a live packet of energies,
travelling thru a crystalline space, but the
spacetime itself is multi-dimensional

... for certain, there is past present and
future, any dolt understands that

... it's as though our souls, our packets
of existence, are zooming thru some etheric
background of a multi-dimensional nature,
and a mere thought, can become magic to
affect the way future events come your

... we are packets of wave energy, travelling
thru something we call spacetime

... and spacetime itelf, as we know it, is
full of mysteries, like what exactly is
Time anyways?

... the greatest judo artists know that
to really leverage events, you make your
fulcrum thru Time, and deflect the event
away from you ... it's called Psychic Judo

... but, most people, when realizing the
power that their mere thoughts have,
destroy themselves pretty quickly,
with their lust for IT.

... the Srimad Bhagavatam says that in
a far far past time from us, people
could control events with their thoughts

... but our human powers have degraded
as we travel thru Kali Yuga, otherwise,
we would all try to kill each other
off, just with our own thoughts

... it's a weird world, ain't it?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu