Oh Boy, The Fourth of July

... it's been hot around here lately, but I'm making it

... in the spirit of the 4rth, I saw a Jackie Chan movie,
called 1911, wherein the peasants revolted against
the corrupt Empress Dowager

... the central scene in the movie, according to moi,
is the scene where the outnumbered peasants, being
overwhelmed by the better armed Emperoress' army,
are saved by a suicide bomber

... one heroic character, grabs 20 grenades and
runs directly into enemy fire, being shot dead,
on the way, but staggering with his last breathes,
to enter their formation, killing and maiming them all,
to save his comrades and the cause

... I was thinking, how many Americans would
be willing to do that for the cause of America?

... not many, more are willing to do it, to bring
US down ... think about that when you look at
your children, this 4rth of July

... it reminds me of a scene from the Godfather
movie, wherein the Godfather, in pre-revolutionary
Cuba, witnesses a man detonate a grenade to kill 2
policemen, and himself, giving no thought for his
own life

... the Godfather said that it meant that the
rebels will win, because they will sacrifice
their own lives, whearas the Dictator's soldiers,
wouldn't ... their cause wasn't worth it to them

... just like policemen in Iraq, who just
walk off the job, because they can't risk their
lives for the government

... I mused that America has never seen such
a revolution, not even the Civil War compares

... In America, it would something like all rich
people and corporate types, all had to move
to Washington D.C. , because the peasants in the
rest of the country wanted to kill and/or arrest

... the only safety was East of the Alleganies

... that my friends makes me think of Yellowstone
blowing off, the only safety will be
East of the Alleganies

... pray to God on the 4rth of July

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu