Habitat for Hobos

... I've been developing my Monkey Brain for the
past few weeks, broadening my knowledge of Linux,
the only worthwhile operating system on earth :-)

... if I was asked, what was the biggest revelation
that I've had during my recent trip to the mathematical
side of my brain, it is Gavin Wince's new theory of
existics: the theory of multi-dimensional time

... I mean, what is life all about unless you learn
how the past turns into the future?

... the essence of his mathematics is that time
has 3 dimensions, just as our space does

...space has x, y, and z, and space has past,present,
and future

... we are essentially composed of the past, present and
future, and that is where the Dark matter and Dark energy
is slightly displaced in linear time from us

... even the highly touted Prof. Stephin Hawking says that
time is multi-dimensional, calling it imaginary time

... any engineer worth his salt understands the significance
of imaginary math, the i, the square root of negative one,
and it's meaning in the context of imaginary time

... it's a gateway to other dimensions, and the source
spring of our free will

... one of the most glaring facts revealed, is work by
an elderly female astrophysicist, who observed that the spin
of galactic spirals does not conform to conventional

... that is, the center of of spiral mass vortex will spin
faster than the edges ... but she found that the inner and
outer regions spin at the same rate ... impossible

... impossible, unless you see a relation in Time where,
time flows at a different rate in different parts of the

... it's an astounding, yet simple truth, time flows differently
in different parts of space

... the only reason I mention this theory, is because when
I first saw the video "The Dark Side of Time" on Youtube,
I realized that his infinite regression of dimensional Time merging
at infinity is what I see in my Zen meditations

... his ideas ring true, and I report it as so

... I've had the concept in my head for a number
of years, and finally someone has brought mathematical
cohesion to the concept of multi-dimensional time,
it's the new paradigm

... my hat's off to you Gavin, we stand on the shoulders
of giants

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu