come back baby come back

... there are alot of misconceptions about reincarnation

... first, is that everyone thinks its a great thing,
and by the grace of God's mercy it is, because
without it, a lost soul has no chance to come
back and learn the real lesson of what, and who,
God is

... when it comes right down to it, if
you have to reincarnate, it means your life
was a failure, and you need to come back for more

... any enlightened soul knows enough to get
the heck off of earth, as humanity has forgotten
it's connection with God, and conditions will
deteriorate until the end

... hollywood celebrities, and shady yoga gurus will
teach that reincarnation is the answer for our fear
of death, but to reincarnate literally means
your soul incarnates once again in the material world

... the material world is hellish, why would you willingly
return, unless you had to?

... people also have the erroneous belief that they will
come back in their same circumstances, or better ones,
but Vishnu decides. It is quite likely that many present
human beings will come back as lower animal creatures
because they have devolved into animal mentalities
during this life, a human life wasted

... sure, the Dalai Lama, and other such advanced
spirits come back willingly, but souls like that
are a special bunch, who love mankind enough to
keep coming back to shepard the lost souls, they
are few and far between

... so, the next time you think about reincarnation,
realize it is something to be avoided, and that the
better path is to transcend into the world of pure
mass free energy

... Srila Prabupada says in the Srimad Bhagavatam,
that 90% of the souls are in heaven, and only a meager
10% are down here in the material world. We down
here are in school, learning how to peacefully return to
the pure energy world

... I've yet to find fault with Srila Prabupada's teachings

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu