the ugly truth

... it didn't take long for the newly
forming gestapo in Washington, to revive
the concept of a "thought crime".

... today, on Drudge, I read the head of the
Justice Dept. said he was reviving the idea,
to deal with all the people who speak out
against various Amerikan agendas

... give some bureaucrats billions of
dollars to spy on everyone, and sooner
or later, they will use it to harrass
and squash out anyone who opposes them

... I feel a great deal of sorrow for what America
has become, in the effort to protect us from
some undefined threat, which is supposedly
going to get us all.
To be honest, I fear Washington more than
Al Qaeda

... the recent uproar over the Bergdahl
prisoner exchange, and the revelations which
Bergdahl has made regarding who is righteous
in the war against the Taliban, has brought
the truth about Amerika to light

... Bergdahl essentially says that the Taliban
is right, about the correct Godly way to live, and
Amerika has done nothing but spread it's wicked lifestyle
around the globe trying to dump it's way of
Godless consumerism on everyone, by force

... of course, the Washington establishment is trying
to hush him up

... the essential difference between the Islamic way
and the American Way all boils down to whether it is better
to destroy families and put women to work, rather
than have a traditional life where the women
stay at home

... the Boco Harem kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls
is another example. There has been mass genocides going
on all over central africa, but did we intervene? No.
Babies, men, women, children all brutally slaughtered.
But take 400 schoolgirls away, and suddenly the uproar
over them not being allowed to pursue the Western dream
of rampant materialism, leads to drones over africa,
and billions dumped into covert actions there.

... it all reminds me of the pre-911 days, when a Taliban
leader visiting New York, was insulted when a female
reporter harrassed him with questions and he responded:
do you let your women talk to you like that? I feel
sorry for you

... the woman's lib movement has done nothing but destroy
the American family, and even worse, they are now
trying to destroy all distinction between the sexes with
gay rights and same-sex marriages

... now I don't care what people do, but to codify sodomy
into legal law goes beyond all the limits set by almost every
religion. Do what you want behind closed doors, that's your
karma, but don't make it legal, for God's sake.

... clearly, the West's liberation of women has been
a great failure. Sure, a handful of smart ones got educated
and can do some real work, but the vast majority are loaded
with student debt, can't do any real work, and are provided
nice jobs only due to the fact that the federal reserve is
pumping the economy with enormous amounts of cash, and
thereby destroying the US money supply. Is it worth it?

... when the US money is inflated beyond control, revolt
and revolution will hit the streets.

... are there woman at home making fresh bread from
scratch,feeding their families good food from their
gardens? No. We have a bunch of women who drive around
in polluting cars all day, thinking they are doing something
important, like driving to soccer practice, while they put
food on the table fresh from the microwave and freezer

... what the West does to most females is turn them into
whores, because the destroyed families no longer value
them at home, and there really is not enough jobs to go
around,even for the men. So even in the best of social
circles, the women turn tricks to make some cash, not
to mention how many have to have sex with their boss
as a hidden condition of employment

... so Bergdahl is right in what he is saying, why is
he being hushed up and locked away under medical care

... personally, I would rather see my daughter under the
auspices of a good Islamic state, rather than be forced
into whoring to get by in the streets and bars of an
American city.

... but just keep watching TV, and popping your blood
pressure and anti-depressant pills, while you watch America
go right down the drain.

... it's going to get ugly in Amerika, as God no longer likes
what we are doing

... I'm quite sure this will get me in trouble with the
thought police, but God sees all, and the thought police
better have some good karma, because they will be
tested, as to their own thoughts and motivations
... if they claim the right to spy on and run
behavior modification programs on me, I demand that
they show their motivations and karma to be superior
to my own. I'm confident that they can't.

... I make this claim before God's court, let the karma
play out

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu