will the real Aryan's please stand up

... I recently saw an interesting comment in the news from
one of the Duck Dynasty personalities. He essentially said
that we are doomed unless we regain our faith in God,
as he watched a wasteful car race.

... so, as I was reading my Srimad Bhagavatam this
morning, it opened on on this passage, of a purport
by Srila Prahbupada, regarding this

... it says:

"It is the duty of a responsible king to protect the social
and spiritual orders in human society. The spiritual orders
are divided into four asramas
- brahmacarya, grhastha, vanaprastha and sannyasa -
and the social sorders, according to work and qualification,
are made up of the brahmanas, the ksatriyas, the vaisyas and the sudras.

These social orders, according to different grades of work
and qualification, are described in Bhagavad Gita.
Unfortunately, for want of proper protection by responsible
kings, the system of social and spiritual orders has now
become a hereditary caste system. But this is not the actual system.

Human society means that society which is making
progress toward spiritual realization. The most
advanced human society was known as arya;
arya refers to those who are advancing.

So the question is, "Which society is advancing?"
Advancement does not mean creating material
"necessities" unnecessarily and thus waste human
energy in aggravation over so-called material comforts.
Real advancement is advancement towards spiritual
realization, and the community which acted towards
this end was known as the Aryan civilization.

... so, are you Aryan? Are you advancing? Or are you
bogged down or even retreating from spiritual advancement?

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If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu