the big coverup

... I havn't wriiten for a bit, because my desire to
write was gone, but something just happened, full of
worldly karma, which has me squeeze this out

... if you want to understand my life, you must
understand that I always have been trying to avoid
hydrocarbon exhaust fumes

... I would move from place to place, trying to
find that camp where I never had to breathe
f*ckin gas exhaust

... it affects my mind, and now once hit with it,
my mind trips off, and I fight back in the karmic world,
and usually someone, somewhere dies

... I'm not going to die for the rampant wasteful usage
of oil, I'm going to kill those who use it ... I can't
help it, it is my sense of self-protection doing it,
and you cannot ask someone to just agree to inhaling
death and disease causing chemicals, and not fight back

... I eventually ended up on a farm, so far back in the
woods, I could work without having to hold my breathe
as clouds of fumes drifted pass me

... if you could experience what I do, when I am forced
to breathe gas fumes, you would understand, it alters
my conciousness and burns my throat and lungs. The
conciousness change is the worst aspect ... it makes
me angry and I want to kill for it

... well last weekend, a local drunk in the area
decided it would be Ok to dump a bunch of gasoline
right in front of my camp ... I'm still enraged,
and I've been smelling it for days

... interestingly, in the news at the same time,( as karmic
reactions usually go) there was an accident
in an Oregon tunnel, where the driver said he passed out
because he was holding his breathe

... according to the story, no one knows why he was
holding his breathe in the tunnel, and the article author
claimed it was due to superstitions

... but I know why he was holding his breathe, and I think
any honest person would know ... he was holding it
to avoid breathing the exhaust accumulated in the tunnel

... I too have, to hold my breathe when exposed to clouds
of gas and exhaust as vehicles roll by ... I'm pretty
good at it by now, and my whole day is filled with
my nose sniffing the air, to determine if I should
hold my breathe, or breathe in

... another recent story involves the Holy Traffic Cones
in Thailand, where pedestrians got so pissed off at the
rampant car use, that they put up traffic cones to
keep vehicles out, and publically beat up drivers who
dared to cross them

... a local Thai buddhist monk said that it is all caused
by too many animal souls getting improperly incarnated as humans,
a truth I also see

... all I can say is that there is a GIANT coverup involving
how bad it is to breathe pertochemical fumes and exhausts.
They don't even know all the chemicals created when
petrochemicals are burnt in a piston cylinder, yet
they CLAIM it is safe

... big oil controls the news, and are causing alot of
disease and death as they try to put the entire human race
into petrochemical powered vehicles... they lie to make
profits. Pollute the USA, in your Chevrolet.

... in corporate terminology, it is called "externalizing costs".
That means they will pollute your air, and they say you
are responsible for it.

... it may work that way in the corrupt justice systems
of the world, but it don't work that way with karma and

... in God's eye, the pumpers of the damn oil and makers
and sellers of those damn vehicles are responsible

... the conventional news outlets may be controlled by
big oil, but I'm not, I tell the truth

... I usually get attacked by some undercover operatives
when I make these truthful statements, so once again,
I may not make another post for awhile. But don't
worry, I am making sure the karma works, and I'm not
going to be the soul sacrifice for big oil, without
fighting back

... adios

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu