this may have to last you

... due to forces of the world and nature, this
may be the last meditation I make for awhile,
so it will have to last you

... remember, this is the Age of Kali-Yuga,
and the craziness out there is NOT real

... real civilization would not be so
unhappy, and stressed out, and on the move
so much

... it takes a good king to run a civilization,
... where have all the good kings gone?

... anyways, always remember, that in the
Age of Kali-Yuga, thoughts don't count
against you, only actions do

... so be peaceful

... thoughts about molesting sweet MaryJane,
down the street, are Ok, as long as you don't
actually do it

... in this Age, all you need to do is want God's
rule, to be saved, and saved means given a nice
next life, in the spirit world

... no mumbo jumbo, no ceremony, you just want
more than anything else, for the good King
to return and rule the cosmos with true justice,
maximizing happiness for all

... but, as we all see in the news, the people
of earth don't seem to want peace, they don't
want a slow-down-smell-the-roses kind of life.
They want a fast life, with lots of circus
and collesium events to keep them from thinking
about God, as they indulge in their excesses

... so, be careful out there. God lets us indulge
in our cravings, to satisfy us, because He just
wants to make you happy. But in the meantime,
excesses make you fat.

... so think thin, thin to win.

... OK, so no problemo here, but I must stop
my meditations for a bit, in case anyone was
wondering why my monkey-brain dumps have stopped

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu