the advantages of the Third World

... I recall recently, a prominent politician
making a gaff, stating that some airport
in New York looked like a Third World country,
in a dilapidated condition

... well, if you watch TV, it is pretty obvious
that we are a country full of old, dilapidated cities

... the sparkle that used to be seen in the US
cities of the 1950's and 1960's, is gone

... our cities have become a patchwork of slums
intertwined with housing so expensive, most
can't afford live in them

... on the other hand, the new cities of Asia
and the other parts of the Third World, seem
modern and efficient, their bridges are awesome

... the Third World is lucky to benefit from all
the technological advancements, right from the
start of their development

... whearas, we, here in the US, have old antiquated
infrastructure, for which we must constantly patch
together inefficient hybrids of the old and new

... hey, but we had the hey-day back after World War 2,
our cities were number 1 back then, with the sweat that
fell off of the brows of our grandparents paying the

... but the magic of their sweat, has now lost it's
power, and worse, have created a defacto set of
slave colonies called cities... people who
have to stay in the city and work, for whatever reason

... it would be nice to make livable cities again,
full of gardens, walkways, bike paths, parks, etc.

... but there is one problem with that, and I
ask you what might that problem be?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu