thoughts on the Holocaust

... I see today is remembrance day for the World War 2
Holocaust of the European Jews

... the stories of the survivors are something else

... I remember a very solemn day in my high school
education, when the good Christian Brothers, setup
movie projectors and showed us footage of the camps

... bodies piled like cordwood, piles of shaven hair,
shoes, and all other articles stripped from those
about to die

... I remember, at the end of the movies, no one
wanted to talk, and the teacher said learn
one thing from this, don't ever let it happen again

... something I recently learned from some reading,
was that contrary to what we have been taught about
all the Jews voluntarily migrating to Israel, many
of them did not want to leave Europe and just wanted
their confiscated properties given back to them

... when the Jews were forced out of Europe or into
concentration camps, the local Germans basically
stole their properties, lands, houses, and all

... and even after the German defeat, they did not
want to return the homes and lands they took, so the
Jews were encouraged to head for Israel

... so Israel and it's peoples deserve some respect
for the sh*t that happen to them in the past

... but holocausts continue ... slaughters in Africa,
which are even more violent and horrific than the
concentration camps ever were, are still occurring

... one tribe slaughtering another, it's got to stop

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu