slaves or welfare

... I saw an uproar occured over some Nevada
cattle rancher's comments that people may be better
off as slaves, rather than on welfare

... of course, his comments were directed at blacks,
but the reality is that very soon, almost all of
us will be facing that choice, if we are not
facing it already

... even him, after the feds get his free-loading cattle
off of federal grazing lands

... the most advanced minds of our age, have predicted
that machines will be doing almost all of the work
very soon, and that we better get prepared for alot
of leisure time

... it also probably means the eventual institution
of an industrial draft, where the young and
vigourous are worked hard for 10 years, before
they too, are retired and put on welfare
of one sort or another ... social security,
food stamps, disability payments, medicaid,
etc etc etc

... so what kind of civilization are we going to
have? One that turns it's massive hoardes of
unemployed, into zombies chasing the full-employment
carrot, which the government hangs in front of them?
... a carrot never to be caught, only chased

... or, one that gives everyone basic water,food, and
shelter? No extravagence, just basic survival.

... so either we accept the fact that we are in full
blown welfare state, and give everyone the bare
neccesities, or we all become slaves of the emerging
oligarchs, who will hand out jobs only to their

... that is the political reality

... slavery is better than welfare only in cases
where someone else is the slave; but when it comes down
to you being the slave, suddenly welfare is definitely better

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu