green acres is the place for me

... I don't know how many of you remember the old
TV show, Green Acres, but I just about live there.
Except for Arnold, the super-intelligent pig,
who watched tv, I'm in Green Acres

... just got a new pitch fork yesterday, man
is it nice

... I went to the store for some spring planting
supplies and was pleasantly surprised, that you still
can still get your money's worth, at the local
garden supply center

... there is really only one way, to be successful
and poor, and that is to grow great gardens, and
flowers to beautify the view

... how much is a beautiful glance worth? If you
can make beauty around you, right where you live,
then it makes life around YOU, more beautiful
for the gods and goddesses to manifest

... I can't believe the bird habitat, which
now surrounds my camp, all just by throwing
out a handful of rice each day for the birds
to eat

... beautiful cardinals

... I always wanted to be a country boy, plowing
the fields with an ox or mule, wife baking
corn bread in the kitchen, afternoon f*cking
behind the barn with the neighbor's daughter,
etc. etc. etc.

... but those green acres days seem gone from the
world. Everyone now is in a hurry.

... Voltaire's Dr. Candide, wisely advised, and
summed up the entire book, in one phrase, concerning
how to be happy:
stay home, and take care of your garden

... find a place where you can slow down, grow
some food, and start listening to the cosmic
wind that blows around us, and find that
slowed-down kind of peace and tranquility
that comes which synchronization with
the life energies around you

... but, everyone has a free will don't they?
They do what they want, not what nature
would indicate to them, such as,
seek happiness in a good, lush garden

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu