the root of conciousness

... I happened to be listening to the end of a radio
interview, and heard a tale about Mother Theresa

... according to what I recall, Mother Theresa
was once asked what does she say in her prayers
to God. She responded, she dosn't say anything,
she listens. Surprised, the questioner asked
how does God respond to your listening, she
said He listens too.

... it has a Zen quality dosn't it? If everyone
was listening, who is speaking? It all reminds
me of the power of the psychic mind, telecommunication

... so, if asked where God exists, I would
scientifically respond: in another dimension
set, which is totally mass-free, and of which,
we have no clue

... no clue, except for what we feel in our experiences

... but scientific answers are meaningless, because
human science is still so primitive

... so, from an experiential perspective, if asked
where God is, He is at the root of conciousness

... if you totally stop thinking for a moment,
about your Ipad, or Android,tv, sex partner, money,
or whatever else fills your modern minds, and listen,
you just might hear.

... So. Just where is the root of conciousness?
Deep inside
your own mind, and only you can make that journey
in there, no one can come with you

... but eventually, you will find the root of
conciousness, and you will be free

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu