remembering the last job I quit

... today, as I sit with nothing to do in my
survival camp, except feed the animals and
do some weeding, I flashed back to a moment
on the assembly line at Chrysler's in Detroit

... I remember having sparks fly my way from
a giant robotic welding machine, door panels,
saturated with rust proofing, moving at me
for assembly,... and I thought, f* this,
I'm heading for Alaska

... it was hell, like being in a Terminator movie,
you were just a cog in the machine, working
12 hour days, so the Machine could economize by
not having a third shift

... they would only work us 8 hours on Sunday, and
we thought the Machine was being kind and compassionate
to us, but no, it was downtime so the grease-monkeys
could service the robots

... while standing on the line working, counting the
seconds as time ticked by,
I had visions of a dilapidated old trailer,
where I could just sit all day, and do what I want

... and Lo and BeHold ... here I am. I write to you
from that dilpidated old trailer

... my dream became a reality, but it took 30 years
to manifest

... I walked off the job at lunch, the foreman said,
where you going, I said Alaska

... all I wanted was some fresh air to breathe

... well, I went to Alaska, a few times, and I have
to say, there is a reason people don't wan't to
live there :-)

... so, here I am, and wonder what do I see for my future?

... to be honest, a burial plot on the farm,
in the Gypsy's GraveYard

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu