Happy Easter

... I was born and raised a Roman Catholic,
and had the Easter holiday permanently
implanted into my conciousness

... I was listening to a Science Friday show,
wherein a scholar wrote a book saying that
science does nothing to disprove God's existence,
so we should stop associating scientists with
atheism ... I liked what I heard

... the thing about Easter, is that it goes to the
core of our fears, and provides an answer, a way
out of the conumdrum of death

... our greatest fear is death, and Easter
provides conscious awareness of the possibility
of life after human death

... we have souls, we are eternal

... so whether science can prove or disprove God's
existence is not really important.

... what is important is to realize your soul
is eternal, and current science dosn't even understand
what Time is yet. So are you going to listen to
atheist scientists, who know nothing of Time,
tell you God isn't needed anymore?

... it is the Original Sin, all over again.
... and we all nearly fell for it

... so, my fellow 21rst century human souls,
the message is: have hope but be ready to duck

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu